Marketing Strategy & Planning

Marketing is fundamental to the success of games, and to the companies that make and sell them. It not about tactics or clever creative. Its about really understanding your product, the market you want to reach and the messaging you bring to them. From first concept to the post-launch "long tail", we will ensure you build a go-to-market plan that will elevate your game and optimise its return.

Your Needs


  • Maximize game sales revenue
  • Drive long-term player engagement
  • Monetize new growing markets and genres
  • Identify best channels to optimize marketing ROI
  • Build powerful brands and franchises
  • Secure profitable IP & licensing deals

Our Skills


  • Highly experienced game marketing experts
  • Proven go-to-market strategies
  • Customizable methodologies & templates for your teams
  • Clear perspective on latest game marketing trends
  • Expertise in marketing data analysis
  • External, unbiased & candid campaign assessment

Our Methods


  • Market analysis (genre, platform, geo)
  • Current marketing plan assessment
  • Brand & product workshops
  • Primary & secondary market research
  • Go-to-market plans
  • Game USP definition
  • Tagline development
  • Target audience(s) identification
  • Messaging definition
  • Campaign & budget planning

Your business growth starts now

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