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Our Story

After over 20 years of working in both video games & management consulting, I saw that there was an huge unmet need in the games industry for the professional advice on strategy, operations and marketing that other industries took for granted.

It was clear that gaming’s massive growth in scale had not been matched by its supporting business ecosystem.

I saw that as a result, industry leaders were getting very little good external advice to help maximise their growth, adapt to industry challenges or develop new revenue streams. In the absence of a better alternative, decisions were being made with only internal perspectives or informal suggestions from personal networks.

I resolved to change this and set up Player One Consulting with the aim of being the definitive source of advice on business, marketing & operational strategy for games companies.

We’ve already helped many companies on their way to success, but the task is really just beginning. With more experts being brought into our team and our constantly improving methods being implemented, we believe the future is a bright one.

The games industry continue to be hugely dynamic and challenging. More than almost any other, it needs both clear-eyed strategy & operations excellence to succeed.

Bringing the external perspective, industry best-practice and client value focus of Player One Consulting to your challenges & goals is the way to make that success happen.

Dr. Chris Bain,

Founder & CEO

How we work

We believe that every client is unique, and deserves a solution that meets their specific needs.

We also understand that there are common challenges faced by companies across the industry, and that there are corresponding best practices that can be used to address them.

Our project teams are skilled at managing this balance, combining their extensive & varied industry experience with our structured & proven project approach. We have a very practical focus, and we reject the politics, platitudes and lazy “hot takes” that make up so much of the advice offered in the marketplace today.

The projects we deliver vary in scale and duration, but are always 100% focused on client value. We always begin with an initial intro call to truly understand what the client is looking for, before coming back with our proposal to deliver on the client’s objectives.

We work with our clients to build a coherent, effective project team combining our “best-of-breed” experts in their disciplines, with the relevant client personnel, and manage the project until the value has been delivered.


Our Team

We are growing rapidly every month, as we bring more industry experts into our group. Each project team is customised so that their skills meet the client project needs. Below are some of our people and the special attributes they each bring.

Dr. Chris Bain

CEO & Founder

Since 2018, Chris has been advising games developers, publishers and investors, enabling them to maximize their business growth though better strategy. ​

Before founding Player One, Chris was an executive at Microsoft for over 13 years. ​

During his extensive time in the industry, Chris has been involved in the release of over 100 games and has worked with numerous developers & publishers across all major platforms.

Prior to Microsoft, Chris was a management consultant for Accenture, running business transformations projects for major companies.​

He also holds a science PhD and has published several academic papers.

Chris specialises in scenario planning, operating model design & marketing strategy. Currently, he is particularly passionate about optimising games company business models to succeed in the changing market environment.

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Leonor Duarte


Leonor is a central part in the succesful working of Player One Consulting.

As someone who loves to plan & organise, she perfectly manages our project scheduling & resourcing activities, as well as ensuring our clients are kept updated and happy.

With a 1st-class degree in Game Design (she topped her class) she has a great understanding of game fundamentals. This ensures she can always bring a gamedev (and Gen Z) perspective to our team project discussion sessions.

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Our Experience

Our wider team of experts has extensive experience across game publishing, studio management, strategic marketing and management consulting. The logos below represent just a selection of the great games companies from which our Player One experts have been drawn.

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